Alister wrote about bankers last night. And how they weren’t to blame for our economic dilemmas. Alister is a banker by the way.

Then as if to disprove his point, the government announced they were stepping into take over Anglo Irish Bank. That’s the bank with over €170 million loans to directors, much of it secret.

Yeah. Secret loans. That’s where the shareholders don’t get told. It’s not illegal per sé. In the same way that rich people can commit murder and probably get away with it. It is legal in the sense that no one is clever or patient or wealthy enough to catch them on it. Remember Al Capone. Those boys actually do look a lot like him.

So capitalism crashes and fails. But it isn’t really a failure because it’s cyclical. Like the way people just drop dead when the lunar cycle changes. It’s not that the moon is evil. It’s just in a cyclical orbit. Wait. People don’t die with a full moon. Call globalised free market capitalism a system or a cycle or whatever you like. I’ll still trust Karl Barth who called it a wholly demonic system.

He said that because buying things isn’t spiritually neutral. i-Pods are lovely. But when we get right down to it, they are only lovely because there is something written into the fabric of reality that means that mathematical representations can cause vibrations in the air that are picked up by our ears and perceived with pleasure. The pleasure isn’t even the delightful bit. It’s the fact that music exists at all that is wonderful. There’s no real difference between the glory of a homemade box guitar and my mp3 player (the best one ever made). Both rely on the pre-existing inexplicable excess that is music.

Now the trading of music, the commodifcation of music, the branding of music and ubiquity of music- all these things are deeply spiritual and as we do it, mostly damaging. The i-pod is not to blame. And Alister is right to disagree with Dr. Mitchel if he opposes blanket condemnations of “consumerism”. We have to consume. How can I read my dense and awful books without consuming trees?

But Dr. Mitchel and President McAleese are on the firmest of grounds when they assert that the way we do capitalism and the way that leads to our form of consumerism makes us lone individuals concerned with our own goods and things that moths can eat and rust can wear away and Sean Fitzpatrick can rob from you.

Your Correspondent, Wrote this on his 4gb RAM installed Dell XPS having thought about it on his MWG i-atom mobile phone, while wearing his special edition New Balance trainers.