There probably isn’t enough discussion being had about “free markets” in the midst of this collapse we’re suffering through. Understanding the scale of the problems that we are in is beyond the grasp of most of us but suffice to say, the USA is on the hook for $24000 for every citizen. Or in other words, the bailout is more expensive than:

    Marshall Plan
    Louisiana Purchase
    Race to the Moon
    S&L Crisis
    Korean War
    The New Deal
    Invasion of Iraq
    Vietnam War

Put together

Wendell Berry had a great article in Harpers a few months ago about the assumption of the limitless that drives our economy. I am super-sceptical of aspects of Berry’s thought and a bit bored by his novels but there is surely no more under-rated intellectual at work anywhere in Christianity today.

Our true religion is a sort of autistic industrialism.

For those of us convinced that climate change and the energy crisis are not myths created to scare us, Berry poses some seriously thought provoking questions about what can even be possible in terms of “solutions”.

Today, Iceland is like a nightmare parable that Berry would have dreamed up if he had been a science fiction writer.

Your Correspondent, But then again, Berry as a science fiction writer is like a fantasy plot in and of itself