A Friday night left at home as my wife dines in the second fanciest restaurant in town (we’re Christians, you know) and I study greek. Why did I choose this life? Oh yeah, the chicks. I always forget that one.

Instead of Greek I am listening to TV On The Radio’s superb new album and reading very fascinating things. You want in?

Spain has got to get itself together. I irrationally and ignorantly don’t like the Spanish government. I think its right-on policies cause me to suspect they are the self righteous tits wearing berets at the party that is the EU.

People who kill abortion doctors take up a disproportionate space in our collective psyche. They are preposterously rare but the image of it is so contradictory and jarring that we jump to it easily. Get inside their heads with this cool article from New York Magazine.

And if you are tired of hearing rhetoric about change and “Yes we can!” and Americans mis-using the word “historical” then this long but great article about the shifting structure that is the American government will be a welcome antidote of fact in a week of bluster.

Or you could just read Mimi.

I’ll leave you with a quote that is politically inspired. It is a very damn fine thing that John Mc-More-Of-The-Same is not President of the USA. But Barack is just a better version. I shall be unconvinced. He has never mentioned the word “Gitmo” or “Abu Ghraib” and so all the change-talk won’t affect the fundamental belief driving America: violence is our vocation. Jacques Ellul, as he always does, re-centres us:

The right of national self-determination does not exist in the Bible. Before God nations have neither a right to exist nor a right to liberty. They have no assurance of perpetuity. On the contrary, the lesson of the Bible seems to be that nations are swept away like dead leaves and that occasionally, almost by accident, one might endure rather longer.

Your Correspondent, Balding, greying, but he still has lungs