Because of a strange and as yet undiagnosed problem with Zoomtard, I have not been able to access my own website for the last week. Thanks to Dr. Margaret for fixing it. On her wedding anniversary, no less. The romantic old fool has grown senile with motherhood.

So the image that is October’s banner comes from Flickr user Seb Przd. Thanks sir! It is a modification of a photo of a stained glass window from the famous Passy cemetry in Paris. But what is important for me (beside its beauty) is that it works well with our slogan. We build concrete infinity is a mission statement of sorts inspired by my Systematic theology lecturer Fr. Tom Norris; who is an astoundingly cool teacher and an altogether decent sort of chap.

There has been a lot of bad news while I was gone. I think my cyber absence has caused the 1000s of voters to be stricken from the register in America (oh that is dismal!), the bankruptcy of Iceland and the Nobel Prize was awarded to some chap I have never heard of never mind read and his name is not Sue Townsend. When will the Swedes learn!

On the plus side, today the postman brought me my first ever book in latin, the new Ben Folds CD and a bottle of port (Thanks JURGENBERRY!). So before you commit suicide by drinking sports cream, go watch a silly video. Do you know what is frightfully funny? When a man dresses as a woman!

Your Correspondent, Wishes he lived in a land where olive oil was free…