So my little brother is busy being a nerd to such a degree that he makes me look like a jock. His nerdy obsession is economics, which is somewhat more lucrative than 20th Century German theologians.

It doesn’t attract the chicks in the same way.

While I am still an angry teenaged socialist at heart, my little brother makes me look positively young with his well-balanced, reasoned, thought-through positions on a whole host of policy and monetary issues. Around the Hargaden household, we call that rabid right-wing insanity.

He has a strange fondness for transport economics, the only place where my cry-me-a-river, Christian-stewardship environmentalism and his there’s-more-profit-in-milking-Earth-than-raping-her capitalism overlap.

That and soccer clubs of course.

He is so good at arguing with me on economic policies that he has made even me, Mr. Karl Barth Is Right (he who said capitalism was a wholly demonic force), think that we need to seriously curtail investment in certain long-term subsidy policies in Ireland.

“BOOOOORING!” you say. “Give us some half baked theology like what we came for guv’nor!” you shout. Then the little budding economist goes and puts his argument in one image. Good enough for indexed, I reckon.

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