For the Australian charlatan who pretended to have cancer for two years, I think vomiting on himself “night after night” is probably a result of how much he must despise himself. Yesterday at my church, Dr. Patrick Mitchel said that the “behaviour of Christians is the biggest threat to the church today”, not the publicity-seeking, profit-generating likes of Richard Dawkins. This story from Australia makes me sick and so very sad but the only way Christians can live lives worthy of the Gospel is to take full account of the duplicity that runs amok without discipline and accountability. Guglielmucci says,

The last two years have been hell for me, physically, emotionally….

Yeah right. Not quite the same as having cancer, right?

The blasé response of the church members just adds another layer of gunk. The only way I can recover today from the grey depression that threatens to engulf it is to go get drunk on absinthe and sell my wife’s wedding dress into hoc to fund a few reckless poker games.

Your Correspondent, Also a very good liar