One of the curious things that we noticed in the United States was that no one is really political. See, everyone agrees. Sure, the Republicans mention God throughout their speeches instead of just citing him at the end like Democrats and Democrats talk alot about peace while raising military spending and the Republicans just raise military spending. But basically, everyone is the same. The left in America is further right than anything in Ireland and conservatism in my homeland would look like radicalism if transported to the New World.

Germany is going mental for Barack today. They may not yet be ready to crown him King of Kings but they are convinced that an Obama-America will be a different America. We can only hope.

But judging from the speech I heard this morning I can only conclude that Obama is a magnificent public speaker and he is more of the same. No less a man than the philosopher James K.A. Smith agrees with me, although he doesn’t even know I exist, nevermind that I agree with him. My endorsement is nevertheless, the reason he sleeps so well at night.

Don Miller prayed at the end of the Democratic Conference one of the nights. This is considered a very good thing by most of the Christians I know. I am really not so sure we should welcome it. When people see the author of Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance and the finest purveyor of non-religious Christian toughts on the podium they think this Change-thing that Obama keeps promoting might actually happen.

But simply because Miller, a man who defines the word winsome prays at the end of this political love-in that doesn’t mean that these same politicos will end up being all Christ-like and winsomely lovely.

It is much more likely that this newly confident-but always there wave of evangelicals with a social conscience will end up being devoured whole and spat out by a political machine intent on prosperity and self-interest. The Democratic party will not absorb Don Miller’s values because the market will always rule. The best Jesus can hope for is some of the crumbs. Halden posts about this much more articulately than I ever could here.

Still and all, prayer can’t be a bad thing, can it?

Your Correspondent, Primarily smiles to communicate anger