So over the last few weeks I saw quite a few barnstorming films and I thought I would inflict my half-brained opinions about them on you because you dolts seem to lap this crap up.

The Dark Knight The Dark Knight: Instant Classic
Firstly, I saw The Dark Knight, a film notable for being able to live up to the hype created by its jaw-dropping trailer. We saw it in the US of A, a place notable for its fine cinema screening rooms and their relatively unpacked seats.

What can I say? If you haven’t seen this then you need to. It is the definition of a 5-star movie. It is an instant classic. It takes all the other comic book movies out and shows them what a grown up film looks like. That means it has conjones people.

It is not so much a film about a man who insanely identifies with nocturnal winged mammals as a devastatingly entertaining Nietzschean lecture. The Joker is Nietzche and Bruce Wayne is the tortured bourgeoisie with their cherished values built on quick sand. I loved it. You really can read this film in a very detailed manner* or you can go to watch the nice pictures of explosions or you can go to sit a-gape at Heath Ledger’s performance which schadenfreude aside, is an Oscar winner for sure. Or you can enjoy Maggie. She sure is purdy. Ahoi hoi!

* I have yet to get wife-unit to watch it so she may throw my ideas out the window. Damn her brain.

Hellboy IIHellboy II; worth a look
On a blistering hot day in Portland we took refuge in yet another beautiful air-conditioned screening room to watch Hellboy II. We are tremendous Hellboy fans round these parts. What can I say? All the nerdiness of our friends rubbed off on us. And if you are going to get fannish over a comic book hero, it might as well be a demonic Roman Catholic comic book hero.

Hellboy II is a feast for the eyes but it lacks the humour and momentum of the first movie. I think. Or I may just have expected too much after The Dark Knight. It does end in Antrim however, which was a lovely surprise. If you are one of those people who loved Pan’s Labyrinth because of the visuals then you will love Hellboy II. If you got a little bored during Pan’s Labyrinth in spite of the visuals then you might be a bit like me in Hellboy II.

Tropic ThunderHmm. Tropic Thunder. Yeah... whatever...
Finally we went to see Tropic Thunder. This is getting rave reviews in America but you want to know something interesting? Many Americans are stupid. I used to resist this easy racist generalisation by us Europeans because I thought it was born out of our sour grapes about how they took over being the centre of the world. Actually, it is sort of true.

This movie is amusing. But not the best comedy of the year. I hope. If it is, then this year is devoid of laughs and you could film a session at the pub with the lads from Dublin who are joining me at Innovista’s Leading For Life conference next week in Berlin and get more lasting laughs. And some of those lads are really boring.

It is filled with great ideas but they just don’t stretch. Go see it though. Robert Downey Jr, Jack Black, the Stillerman… they are great performances and you will giggle throughout. But don’t believe the hype. Just watch Juno again. Which is something else I did on holiday and loved it even more.

Did I tell you I was going to Berlin? Next week. So expect few sober entries. I love Berlin. I can’t wait for it to teach North America how to be a truly great city.

Your Correspondent, Is late for a date with a Transfarmer.