At the end of the week I head off on holidays for a month with Wife-Unit and my two best friends. The King of Canada is meeting us at the airport in Vancouver and then after visiting some of their remote tribes we are traveling south by steamboat to see George III’s American colonies. I hear they know how to fry a large piece of cow meat in the evening and I for one have always wanted to sample that.

Each of our party has been charged with a noble task- produce one cd, of 80 minutes length, that represents our favourite music ever.

This is a serious challenge. I was impressed when my first draft was only 110 minutes long. I had to say goodbye to the original 9 minute long Horses by Patti Smith although it is definitely in my top ten ever songs. Eventually I whittled it down to 20 tracks under the time limit but Europe’s The Final Countdown didn’t make it, sadly.

It’s a very hard task because you are always tempted to make the disc with your friends in mind so that they will like the music and think you cool. I have resisted that temptation and added such white boy favourites as Eminem and U2 on the album without shame.

At least until Betamaxnomates comes home from Japan. Then I will be filled with shame for the predictable mess that is my ultimate disc.

Feel free to sample some of it:
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