I ain’t no big city lawyer but I reckon it is probably a bad idea for people to take out credit card accounts based on the colour of the cards.

Yet it seems that is the marketing campaign behind Halifax’s approach in Ireland:

Still Halifax aren’t as dumb as Permanent TSB which base their new campaign around the fact that you can get a card with whatever image you like on it. Inevitably, this is being sold as an “express yourself as individual” product, a “stand out from the crowd” opportunity and a “my consumption is creative” lifestyle choice.

I’m sold.

I decided to see what one of those weird creepy “Jesus Always With You” images would look like on my credit card. Turns out they’d look brilliant:

Jesus- With you always credit card

Jesus- With you always credit card

It turns out that nothing says “worthy of credit” like a piece of plastic depicting Jesus helping clowns. Salvation is priceless, but for everything else, there are stupid bank gimmicks.

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