1. As part of my sermon series about the Simpsons I’ve been all Simpsons all the time and it has been a good time. Here is Troy McClure’s CV.

2. I am going on holidays in one month. Exactly. For pretty much the first time in four years. No more summers with surprise-food in Ukraine for me nor pig-head with pork salad and bacon-slaw winters in Germany. We are off to North America to eat genetically modified beef for three weeks. Hurrah! 16 oz steaks for breakfast here we come. I find out all my travel information at WikiTravel and so should you.

3. N.T. Wright continues to amaze me. He keeps the hope that New Testament scholars can be cool by holding his own on the Stephen Colbert show. I love how Colbert’s razor sharp satire is clearly built on a much more sophisticated and informed reading of Christianity than is typical. NT Wright even responded to a blogger’s query as to why he would go on the Colbert Report in the first place. Legendary.

4. Indexed is one of the greatest things the Internet ever hosted.

5. Two great pieces of blogging on the theology of art: Faith and Theology discusses Sufjan and The Fire and the Rose tackles Iron and Wine and how to hear him.

6. McSweeneys introduce you ignorami to literature. In three lines.

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