In my last entry I wrote, “homosexuals should be afforded the same rights as heterosexuals“. My amazing wife agreed with most of what I wrote and I presume that she thought it as glorious as any sonnet by Billy Shakespeare. But she pointed out the lunacy of that sentence. That’s the danger of having a philosopher for a wife.

As she puts it, homosexuals have the same rights as heterosexuals. They are free to marry people of the opposite sex. What they are looking for is an extension of their rights.

As she points out, they may well have very good cause to request such an extension but it is an extension nonetheless. The right to marriage extends across the board to all Irish citizens of age, regardless of sexual orientation.

I thought that was a useful clarification to include.

She has spent the day parsing Daniel Dennett books for logical flaws so she is full of corrections today. For example, she also thinks that I should clarify that the previous “Your Correspondent” is a quote from Michael Stipe and not the actual words of the author. Zoomy is as straight as an arrow. He is contractually obliged to be, after all.

Your Correspondent, Married the smartest girl in the land