The tremendous Alastair Adversaria is back. Hooray. One of the very finest Christian blogs around. If that joker Al had not moved to Scotland, Zoomtard would never hope to become the greatest Christian blog in Ireland.

One of the weirder tasks I have set myself this very packed and utterly fascinating summer is to speak at a big Christian conference-festival-thing called New Horizon. As far I can tell, about 6,000 people go up to the north coast and clap their hands in a big blue tent. One informed person told me that it is a conference for sectarian Protestants who don’t want to be sectarian anymore.

Zoomtard will be joining the legendary evangelist Michael Green and the soon-to-be legendary songwriters Keith and Kristyn Getty. But sadly he is not top billing, or indeed billed at all. Partly because he is just doing a one hour session on blogging and partly because he didn’t write In Christ Alone.

So here is my series of questions. Firstly, do any Zoomtard readers inteded to go to New Horizon? Cos I don’t know where it is or what it is or why I am going and a friendly face would be very cool. We can all drink coffee and talk about blogging? Or go drink whiskey (Bushmills is up near there, right?) and talk about cool stuff. Like church.

Secondly, what’s the point in blogging? Seriously, what benefit if any, do you think, can be accrued from us sharing our opinions online like this. Any opinions of why it could be a positive thing for Christians? Give me something to work with cos I may be dreadful at many things- saying no to people, impregnating women, sitting still and saying the word “celebration” but I hate to give a shoddy presentation.

Pray. For. Mojo. Or blog. Whichever.

Your Correspondent, Run, free yourself of him as fast as you can