Pretty much everyone will be familiar now with the amazing photos of the uncontacted tribe from the borders of Peru and Brasil released last week.

Would it surprise anyone if it turned out to be a publicity stunt for an as yet unreleased movie?

If it is legit, imagine how terrified those tribespeople were when the plane flew over. The sleepless nights they must have endured mixed up with anticipation, confusion and dread?

Finally, it’s weird that they now have no choice. We will eventually find a reason to knock on their door and by the nature of the invitation, they can’t turn down our advances. The forbidden fruit of the modern world will be irresistable to them because we’ll introduce diseaes that they never have encountered. I am not some crypto-luddite who thinks that we have no right to go down there, knock on the door and say hello. But I got caught up thinking about just how one-sided the process is.

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