Although Charlie Bartlett is billed as a successor to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, we still went to see it. Of course no movie could follow Bueller. And Bartlett doesn’t. But it is amusing in its own way. And Robert Downey Jr. is a very handsome man. Ironman would probably have rocked a lot more if it wasn’t a superhero movie. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good superhero movie. But a film where Downey Jr goes around being charming and cocky would have been even cooler.

One comicbook movie that I do love is Hellboy. I had to buy it last week and the local dvd store only sold it as part of a weird 3-pack with The Punisher and Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Who wants to come over and watch some awful movies with me? Drunk-fuelled watching is the only thing that can justify John Travolta and his big head being evil. And soon after the novelty of Milla Jovivich’s short dress wears off, Resident Evil manages to make even zombies boring. I know. Stig and I tried to watch it once.

We watched Hellboy in church as part of our series called Reel Christianity. It is my contention that Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy and a Roman Catholic, has managed to make a graphic novel that explains the theological categories of sonship and adoption in terms that very serious Christian theologians never could manage. In the course of my research I discovered that Hellboy is not alone as a Catholic superhero and that us Presbyterians are sorely under-represented. I am off to draw “Calvinist Man”- he wears a goatee, never laughs, is tone deaf and is predestined to save the world.

Oh. Now I see why we can’t make good superheros. Plus, we’d probably protest and say Jesus is our true superhero.

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