I went to see Iron and Wine last night in the Olympia. I am not sure if I was a muso enough to enjoy it really. Through the whole gig Sam Beam, who it seems is Iron and Wine, even though it looked like there were eight people on stage, said about two words. “Hello”. “Goodbye”. He also said, “This is my friend, Peter”. It was basically an extraordinary piece of musicianship that spread for well over an hour but the thousand people in the Olympia might as well have not existed. It was either the most pretentious performance I have ever seen or the most accomplished. Here’s some Texan style for you:

Ratatouille is over-rated. There. I said it. Malcolm X is a whole freaking lot better than I expected it. Having seen the first episode of House I think I adore it. That House M.D. fellow is like Sherlock Holmes but a doctor. His amazing genius seems believable as long as you don’t think about it but I don’t mind because he seems to consider death as an altogether bad old deal and I find that refreshing.

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