As all the old Zoomtard readers know, I have a few recurring intellectual heroes- people who have had an indelible impact on my thinking and helped shape the world as I see it. Bonhoeffer, Barth, Lewis, Wright. These are some of the Christian thinkers that did all the hard work for me. If I stand at all, I stand on their shoulders.

One guy who I often fall back on is a Croatian called Miroslav Volf. He works now at Yale Divinity School and directs a department there that looks at how faith and culture interact.

Last month I was reading Exclusion and Embrace for the third time in four years and it was blowing my mind in all kinds of new ways. I must admit, I was re-reading it to rip it off because I had to preach about how to deal with cultures in conflict. Exclusion and Embrace is one of those books that probably should be as popular as Purpose Driven Life. If there was a God, then that would probably happen! HA HA. Only joking.

My note-ridden ear-marked copy of Exclusion and Embrace

In the middle of reading it I discovered that Volf is coming to Ireland. Wait, he’s actually coming to my hometown. In fact, he is actually teaching at the college I am enrolling in in the Autumn down the road from my office. What is he doing here? Talking about the immigrant experience of faith in Ireland. That just happens to overlap perfectly with Sock, my beloved pet thesis that I am writing. How sweet is that?!

So tomorrow, Thursday May 8th, see a real life theological genius in full flight – if you dare. Callan Hall on the old campus of NUI Maynooth at 8pm. It’s free. It’s open to everyone. It’s going to be a nerdy blast.

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