Jaybercrow wrote his best ever entry last night, (IMO LOL!) about the Pauline perspective on women in the Bible. I am planning to unleash a fucking monster of a Zoomtard on Monday about how to fit the pieces together but the heart of Jayber’s argument, (presuming I am reading him right, which is a safe presumption since authorial intent can actually be read), is the claim that the body of writing passed down to us through the Canon and attributed to Paul is radically egalitarian. Men and women are equally gifted by God. Galatians 3:28 as a kind of cornerstone of Pauline theology.

If Paul had written and preached openly that slaves should be set free and that women are as apt as men to achieve anything, then the Roman Empire built on the labour of slaves and sustained on the toil of women would have declared war on the very communities (in Ephesus, Colossae, Corinth and elsewhere) that he was writing pastoral letters to. Much better to have women treated as equals in their communities and slaves treated with dignity than there to be no slaves, women or Christians of any kind left at all. This is not the idle conjecture of theology undergrads. This is well accounted for sociological and historical fact.

In time, Paul won and Caesar lost. Slaves were set free. Women were liberated. The challenge today facing us is to be Christians as wise and cunning and reckless and radical as Paul was in his efforts to emulate our master.

Your Correspondent, Judging from picture books, heaven is a partly cloudy place