So we come to the end. It was incomprehensible for everyone who wasn’t me.

It’s eloquent, but Shamus Pubic in the street is still saying… what are you going on about? The ‘Jesus preformed miracles because he is god, and he’s god because he performs miracles’ doesn’t work – but deep down you know that -- and your answer is faith.

I think you spend your time dancing in the ‘that which we don’t yet know’ and that uncertainty is basically were all religion has always existed. It answered the ‘how did we get here’ with the creation myth, it answered the ‘how did we get languages’ with the Babel myth, its kept society in check with the you’ll go to hell myth etc.

I guess you’ve just been blessed with faith. I think I am actually happy for you. I have not been thus blessed.

I did write out 4 more massive paragraphs in answer to your post above -- but I read it and deemed it boring -- and I already heard your answer in my head -- and didn’t think I was saying anything you hadn’t heard before… and we were heading to your afore mentioned 5000 posts.

So -- I’ll leave it at that. With respect. I enjoy you’re writing. Admire your intellect. Think you are misguided and are on the wrong road. But worry that I could be also. Feel free to throw some grenades at the QMonkey site, and I will return the favour.

I’ll finish too. You think science is a modern word for truth. I think truth is a much more glorious and full blooded thing than just that one ingredient. You think I withdraw into the territory of “that which we don’t know” but what I’ve actually done is attacked into the territory of “that which science cannot know” (but that philosophy and art and theology can and does). I think I’ve raised things you have just passed over (for example, who blessed me with faith!?) but that’s cool. It’s an internet debate. We were both bound to look like idiots.

When you make it to Dublin, let me and Jimlad take you for a pint!

Your Correspondent, So bored of all these little gods